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  • Things I Used To Do

    It’s never too late to get into them again or even discover new hobbies!

  • Getting Good Is Good For You

    Curiosity and Tenacity to Develop Talent

  • What’s Your Talent?

    Talent is not magical but simply a skill or ability that has been worked on.

  • Over 50 And Going Strong

    Hello, gentlemen, and welcome to Uncle/Atok world!

  • Why I Love to Read.

    A doorway to different ways of thinking, imagination and knowledge.

  • Don’t Get Bored. Get A Hobby.

    Taking on as many enjoyable hobbies as one can manage are an excellent way to keep the mind active, engaged, and growing.


  • Care Concierge

    For the quality of life and wellness you deserve

  • Homage

    Preserving Wellness and Care Anytime You Need

  • Woodrose Healthcare

    Enriching the Quality of Life for Your Loved Ones


  • Dance & Live with Mrs J - Episode 2 (Click to WATCH)

    Step by Step Dance Tutorial with Mrs J

  • Dance & Live with Mrs J - Episode 1 (Click to WATCH)

    Step by step Line Dancing with Mrs J


  • Principal Malaysia

    Discover your path to investing and retirement

  • Skim Mesra Usia Emas (SMUE) for Seniors

    Here's how you can sign up for Selangor’s voucher scheme for those 60 and above

  • Alert: These Scams are on the Rise

    You need to be aware of the scams reported in recent times

  • Attack of the Clone Firms

    What are they, and how do you spot them?

  • Beware: Scams in Times of Covid

    Be more vigilant with your investments during these difficult times

  • Vehicle Loan Moratorium: 5 Things to Know

    Want a moratorium on your vehicle hire-purchase? Here's what you need to know


  • Nelly Tan Abdullah: The Rempah of Life

    The founder of Aunty Nellie's Easy Rempah on her easy-to-cook pastes


  • The Journey to Hearing Well Again - Part 2

    Getting Used to Your New Hearing Aid

  • The Journey to Hearing Well Again - Part 1

    Steps to seeking professional advice and selecting the right hearing aids.

  • When Your Hearing Fades

    Early signs of hearing loss and the importance of early intervention

  • Cuba Try #2 - Guard Against Radiation (Click to WATCH & DEALS)

    ONE Device: Ditch discomfort, neutralize harmful radiation from your gadgets for a healthier experience.

  • Fix to Fit with Coach Ken (Click to WATCH)

    Are you keeping yourself active and healthy?

  • Complete Healthy Eating Guide to Eldercare Nutrition

    "Aiya, old already, NO need to eat so much."


  • Age-by-age Guide to Toys (0-3 Years)

    The first of our two-part guide on the playthings you can buy for your grandchild

  • Age-by-age Guide to Toys (3-8+ Years)

    The second of our two-part guide on the playthings you can buy for your grandchild

  • Have Health, Will Travel (Part 1)

    Tips to note before you embark on your next adventure

  • Have Health, Will Travel (Part 2)

    Some handy tips to keep in mind during your travels

  • Have Health, Will Travel (Part 3)

    Some tips to keep in mind after you're home

  • 8 Must-have Entertainment and Learning Apps

    Our list of the best apps for a little bit of fun and a lot of learning


  • Giving Back In Your Golden Years

    Volunteerism plays a part in the well-being of seniors

  • SPCA Selangor

    Help change the lives of animals

  • Rachel Siew Suet Li Trust Fund (RSTF)

    A diminutive woman’s high hopes

  • Dialogue Includes All

    Empowering the disabled to take the lead



    Join us as we celebrate the event in conjunction with Parents' Day - 8 & 9 June!

  • Eat Well, Live Well 2024

    Happening this weekend, 8 & 9 June at Atria from 10am to 8pm! See you there!

  • Amazing Seniors x Malaysiakini Scam Awareness Workshop #6

    Mind Tricks: How scammers manipulate human nature to entrap victims

  • Amazing Seniors x Malaysiakini Scam Awareness Workshop #5

    How love scammers prey on the lonely

  • Amazing Seniors x Malaysiakini Scam Awareness Workshop #4

    How Macau scammers trick victims

  • Amazing Seniors x Malaysiakini Scam Awareness Workshop #3

    How investment scammer prey on the desperate


  • Karina Bahrin: Island State of Mind

    Ex-city dweller on how she feels truly home in Langkawi

  • Lily Fu: A Loud Voice for Seniors

    SeniorsAloud founder on healthy ageing and staying active

  • The Serious Evolution of Funnyman Harith Iskander

    The comedian on his charitable endeavours and new norms

  • ‘Uncle Kentang’ Champions On for the Impoverished

    Amazing Seniors catches up with social activist Kuan Chee Heng


  • Interviewing Tips for Older Job Seekers

    Mature and experienced candidates, it's your time to shine!

  • 9 Resume-writing Tips You Can't Do Without

    Pointers for an effective resume as an older professional

  • Online Interview Tips That Will Land You the Job

    Take your digital interviewing skills to the next level!