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  • Getting Good Is Good For You

    Curiosity and Tenacity to Develop Talent

  • What’s Your Talent?

    Talent is not magical but simply a skill or ability that has been worked on.

  • Over 50 And Going Strong

    Hello, gentlemen, and welcome to Uncle/Atok world!

  • Why I Love to Read.

    A doorway to different ways of thinking, imagination and knowledge.

  • Don’t Get Bored. Get A Hobby.

    Taking on as many enjoyable hobbies as one can manage are an excellent way to keep the mind active, engaged, and growing.

  • The Seniors Unafraid of Technology

    Three older Malaysians impress us with their tech skills and knowledge


  • Care Concierge

    For the quality of life and wellness you deserve

  • Homage

    Preserving Wellness and Care Anytime You Need

  • Woodrose Healthcare

    Enriching the Quality of Life for Your Loved Ones


  • Dance & Live with Mrs J - Episode 2 (Click to WATCH)

    Step by Step Dance Tutorial with Mrs J

  • Dance & Live with Mrs J - Episode 1 (Click to WATCH)

    Step by step Line Dancing with Mrs J


  • Principal Malaysia

    Discover your path to investing and retirement

  • Skim Mesra Usia Emas (SMUE) for Seniors

    Here's how you can sign up for Selangor’s voucher scheme for those 60 and above

  • Alert: These Scams are on the Rise

    You need to be aware of the scams reported in recent times

  • Attack of the Clone Firms

    What are they, and how do you spot them?

  • Beware: Scams in Times of Covid

    Be more vigilant with your investments during these difficult times

  • Vehicle Loan Moratorium: 5 Things to Know

    Want a moratorium on your vehicle hire-purchase? Here's what you need to know


  • BLACKBALL @ Atria (Click to WATCH & DEALS)

    Enjoy the *AMAZING SENIORS Off-Peak Deals*

  • CUBA TRY the Best Seafood Noodles in Selangor! (Click to Watch)

    Mr FISH Fish & Seafood Noodle offering amazing deals to the Amazing Seniors!

  • Nelly Tan Abdullah: The Rempah of Life

    The founder of Aunty Nellie's Easy Rempah on her easy-to-cook pastes


  • Fix to Fit with Coach Ken

    Are you keeping yourself active and healthy?

  • Complete Healthy Eating Guide to Eldercare Nutrition

    "Aiya, old already, NO need to eat so much."

  • Keeogo Rehabilitation (Click to WATCH)

    A revolutionary robotic technology

  • Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur

    Award-winning Standards and Peak Medical Achievements

  • ParkCity Medical Centre

    Limited Anniversary Health Screening Packages, Only For Seniors!

  • Dealing With Frailty

    The most misunderstood human condition


  • Age-by-age Guide to Toys (0-3 Years)

    The first of our two-part guide on the playthings you can buy for your grandchild

  • Age-by-age Guide to Toys (3-8+ Years)

    The second of our two-part guide on the playthings you can buy for your grandchild

  • Have Health, Will Travel (Part 1)

    Tips to note before you embark on your next adventure

  • Have Health, Will Travel (Part 2)

    Some handy tips to keep in mind during your travels

  • Have Health, Will Travel (Part 3)

    Some tips to keep in mind after you're home

  • 8 Must-have Entertainment and Learning Apps

    Our list of the best apps for a little bit of fun and a lot of learning


  • SPCA Selangor

    Help change the lives of animals

  • Rachel Siew Suet Li Trust Fund (RSTF)

    A diminutive woman’s high hopes

  • Dialogue Includes All

    Empowering the disabled to take the lead



    Mark Your Calendar! Happening on 29th September to 1st October!


    WHO WILL WIN? Vote for your Favourite Performer starting 19 September 2023!

  • Life Begins at 50 - Seniors Festival 2023

    Presenting East & West!

  • LIFE BEGINS AT 50 by Amazing Seniors!

    Join us for the Spectacular Celebration!

  • Hear Ye, All Talented Seniors!

    TALENT QUEST deadline is EXTENDED!

  • Sleep For Health

    Are we reaping the benefits from sleep?


  • Karina Bahrin: Island State of Mind

    Ex-city dweller on how she feels truly home in Langkawi

  • Lily Fu: A Loud Voice for Seniors

    SeniorsAloud founder on healthy ageing and staying active

  • The Serious Evolution of Funnyman Harith Iskander

    The comedian on his charitable endeavours and new norms

  • ‘Uncle Kentang’ Champions On for the Impoverished

    Amazing Seniors catches up with social activist Kuan Chee Heng


  • Interviewing Tips for Older Job Seekers

    Mature and experienced candidates, it's your time to shine!

  • 9 Resume-writing Tips You Can't Do Without

    Pointers for an effective resume as an older professional

  • Online Interview Tips That Will Land You the Job

    Take your digital interviewing skills to the next level!