Tips to Nail a Virtual Interview and Land the Job
The interview process is essential for both the company and the candidate to assess the job and environmental fit. The Covid-19 pandemic has not changed this.

Many companies are now replacing face-to-face interviews with online interaction to assess candidate suitability. Online video applications commonly being used include Zoom, WebEx and Google Meet. Read through our list below to ensure you are well prepared for your online interview. PREPARING FOR THE ONLINE INTERVIEW 1. Required online video application Ensure you have the correct online video application installed, are sufficiently familiar with it, and have sufficient data/broadband capacity to cater to the online meeting. 2. Room for the interview Find a well-lit, comfortable and quiet room where you can have the interview uninterrupted. Find an uncluttered background in the room to position yourself for the interview. 3. Trial run Engage in trial runs, preferably with someone familiar with the application before the interview. 4. Prepare your notes Find out as much as you can about the position and the company. Then, anticipate questions and prepare your answers. Finally, prepare questions to show your interest in and competency for the role. 5. Dress for the interview Be groomed and dressed professionally for the interview; it reflects your professionalism and helps you exude confidence. Sit up in a comfortable chair behind a clean desk.

DURING THE INTERVIEW * Check that the interviewer has a clear view of you and can hear you. Assure the interviewer/s that you can see and hear them clearly, too. * Focus on the interviewer/s, not the camera. * Sit up and interact with the interviewer, engage in eye contact, and remember to relax and smile while remaining professional. * Check that you have understood the question correctly before responding if you are unsure or could not hear the question the first time. * Allow yourself a short pause to think through if you need some time; there is no need to jump and respond each time immediately. * Avoid interrupting the interviewer mid-sentence as this may be more disruptive online than when done face-to-face. Take notes, and remember to smile. FOLLOWING UP AFTER THE INTERVIEW As with face-to-face interviews, it would be great to send a quick note to the interviewer/s to thank them for their time and perhaps even include your thoughts on some essential items discussed during the interview.

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