The Giving Bank

The Giving Bank Organisation was established in 2016, as a Malaysian-owned NGO. They aim is to extend their reach, both locally and internationally for humanitarian causes and reliefs. The team behind the organisation is fully dedicated in working with children, adults and families to overcome extreme poverty and injustice. They work to promote human tranformation, seek justice for the oppressed and assist in disaster recovery for all people across religions, race, ethnicity and gender. To find out more about The Giving Bank, visit You can also visit their social media pages at and The services they provide include: * Volunteers - people waiting to serve * Campaign - join their campaign or craft one with them * Donation - donate and enjoy the highest transparency * Health - providing medical aid and free health screenings * Education - everyone deserve equal rights to knowledge and skills * Humanity Culture - helping humanity relief efforts To volunteer with them, go to To view current fundraising campaigns run by The Giving Bank, go to Alone we can do so little, together we can so much! Be an Amazing Senior!