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  • University of Third Age - Chinese Painting Class


    Ms Eva Chin Yoke Hwa, tutor at University of Third Age (U3A), teaches Chinese painting. An experienced artist with an impressive invited exhibition records between 2007 - 2014 (Refer below) Address: A-1-8, Pusat Perdagangan Pelangi PJU 6, Pelangi Damansara Persiaran Surian 47800 Petaling Jaya Currently, she is conducting classes in Pelangi Damansara. Date : Thursday, 11.00am – 12.30pm No of Attendees : 6 - 8 students Cost: RM60.00 for 4 classes in a month How to join? Be a member of U3A Membership – RM45.00 yearly Renewal - RM30.00 yearly All courses – RM60.00/month for 4 classes Please contact Ms Jenny Kim at 016-908 1654 for registration.

  • Another Wellness Trip with Fun & Adventure!


    Join Mrs J - A day trip to IPOH! Date: Tuesday, May 23, 2023 (One day's trip via coach) Contact: Mrs J at 012-200 5276 (For details and price) Open to All: Dancercise/Nordic Walkers Malaysia/Fun with Mrs J platforms All are invited!

  • Dancercise with Mrs J


    Every Thursday: 10 - 11am (On Zoom) Cyber Platform called Dancercise ever since Covid affected lives. Whenever there is an event like this, Amazing Seniors invite those who are able to participate. Who can attend? Anyone. Both genders. Any age. How much do you have to pay? Free What do you do at this Dancercise? A few mins of motivation, positive vibes and inspiration when u need it badly. To register, contact Mrs J at 012-200 5276.

  • Hula Dance Class


    Hula Dancing Class by Japanese Club Instructor starting on:- Date: 07/09/2022 Wednesday Time: 2.00pm- 3.30pm Class Location: U3A PJ Center, 385B, Jalan 5/59 Petaling Garden, Petaling Jaya For 4 Weeks @ Once a Week for RM50.00 Those are interested please sign up minimum 10 students per class (maximum 15 students). Contact either: Albert Teh or Margaret Gan for registration 012-2843493 O13-6909492


  • University of Third Age (U3A) Petaling Jaya

    We are starting the following new classes in September and October:- 1. Zumba 2. Handphone 3. DIY Car Maintenance 4. Yoga 5. Chi Gong 6. Gardening 7. Chinese Painting 8. Chinese Calligraphy 9. Water Colour Painting 10. Harmonica 11. Ukulele 12. Singing 13. Making Jewellery 14. Soap Making 15. Physiotherapy 16. Dental 17. Laughing Yogi 18. Karaoke Singing 19. Computer 20. Batik Painting 21. Photography 22. Languages & Others. However, some of those classes would be starting in October due to short of time as we are still waiting for confirmation from the instructors. Venue: Our U3A PJ Centre Address: 385B, Jalan 5/59 Petaling Garden, Petaling Jaya Classes needs minimum 10 students to start. For your info, we will open new classes for 2 days for registration at our U3A Petaling Jaya Centre on:- Date 25/08/2022 Thursday & 26/08/2022 Friday Time 2pm-5pm only. Contact either Albert Teh or Margaret Gan @ for registration 012-2843493 O13-6909492 Sign up for our U3A Petaling Jaya Membership! Life Members @ RM150.00 plus Registration RM15.00 Total RM165.00 Ordinary & Associate Members @ RM25.00 yearly Renewal plus RM15.00 Registration Total RM40.00

  • University of the Third Age (U3A) KL & Selangor

    The University of the Third Age, Malaysia is a program under the “Lifelong Learning for Older Malaysians” project started by Dato Prof. Dr. Tengku Aizan Hamid, Director, IPPM (MyAgeing) Universiti Putra Malaysia. The project was supported by the Government of Malaysia and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) [Country Programme Cycle 2008 – 2012]. The University of The Third Age KL & Selangor, like its counterparts all over the world, is driven on the philosophy of “learning for leisure”. No academic degrees are conferred in the lifelong learning program, but it does not mean that the members are any less serious about the learning that takes place. A diverse number of courses on various subjects such as adult development and ageing(ADA), healthy lifestyles, exercise, languages (Mandarin, Japanese, Korean), arts and craft, gardening, cooking, digital skills, entrepreneurship, music, dance and singing are offered. At the end of the year, U3A members share the fruits of their labour during the Certificate Presentation Ceremony. To view available courses at U3A visit It is mandatory to apply for membership before you can enrol for courses. Details of membership and course fees can be found here: To find out more about the University of The Third Age, just visit:

  • Happy Senior Citizens Association Selangor

    The Happy Senior Citizens Association of Selangor organises tours and social events, such as birthday lunches and festivities, such as Hari Raya / Chinese New Year / Deepavali / Christmas celebrations. Some of its members come to the centre on a regular basis for Tai Chi Exercises / Dance Classes / Fan Tai Chi / Malay & Chinese cultural dances / Karaoke. These classes are held once a week, from Monday to Friday, according to their timetable. The venue for the weekly activities are held at the MBPJ hall in Section 17/1A. The association was founded in 1988 by Toh Puan Dato' Saadiah Sardon and friends and is registered with the Registrar Of Societies. Membership on average annually stands at 500. Annual subscription fees is rm20.00. Membership starts from 45 years (associate member) until 50 years of age. After 50 onwards it will be full membership. Ordinary members can also apply for life membership by paying rm200.00. Whilst they have had to stop all activities since March 2020 due to the pandemic, they do hope to start again, depending on the Covid19 situation. For more information please call Jan Ghani at 012-3270115

  • YMCA Senior Citizens Club

    Join a premier club for members 55 years and above for social and recreational activities.

  • Seniors Aloud

    SeniorsAloud began on the internet in May 2008 as a blog with postings of articles and videos that would appeal to older adults aged 50 and above. Today it has evolved into a go-to site for seniors seeking information, inspiration or connection with other seniors. Transitioning from one stage of life to the next can be quite challenging, more so for seniors entering semi- or full-time retirement. SeniorsAloud blog together with SeniorsAloud Facebook page aims to provide a platform where the 50plus can share their life experiences and be a source of inspiration for others on their journey through the retirement years. Senior citizens the world over are bonded by a common goal – to live a long and happy life, in good health and with financial security. We believe that seniors can help seniors reach this goal, for who best understand seniors than fellow seniors? We welcome you to join our SeniorsAloud community. As a member, you can participate in our offline activities and events which are held regularly to promote successful ageing through lifelong learning, social networking and community service. With adequate preparation and the right attitude, the retirement years can truly be the best years of our lives. To join Seniors Aloud, visit them at or email


  • The Assembly Soup Kitchen (T.A.S.K.)

    Volunteer to cook from home and help those in need. The Assembly Soup Kitchen ( T.A.S.K ) started with a handful of volunteers cooking food from their own kitchens - doing what they could with what they had. They are an independent, all-volunteer organisation that serves the homeless and hungry predominantly in the Klang Valley. They have been relying on volunteers, local businesses, and the generosity of the community to help them continue their mission of providing hot, nutritious meals to those in need.

  • Rachel Siew Suet Li Trust Fund (RSTF)

    Who is Rachel ? Rachel Siew is a Law graduate from UK, witty & bubbly young lady born with a rare degenerative condition known as Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) IVA or Morquio Syndrome. Standing at 92.5cm and weighing less than 20kg, this condition affects her physically but not intellectually. There is no cure for all genetic conditions but is monitored through corrective treatment/surgery to provide quality of life. Rachel has undergone numerous surgeries from Cervical Fusion (C1-C3), grommet insertion to both her ears, adenoid removal and twice osteotomy to straighten both her severely knocked knees. Diagnosed with MPS IVA at the age of 2, Rachel is born without an enzyme hence her system is unable to discard toxins from her body. The accumulation of the toxins progressively damaged her bones, sight, hearing and organs. In 2014, Federal Drug Association (FDA) approved Vimizim, the drug to treat MPS IVA through Enzyme Replacement Therapy (ERT). This lifelong treatment is administered intravenously on a weekly basis at Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) and there will be adverse effects if treatment is not continued. Cost of Vimizim is at RM4,000 per vial of 5ml. Based on Rachel’s weight of 20kg, she needs 7 vials per week at a cost of RM28,000. Per annum is estimated to be at RM1.6 million. It is not a sum any family could afford. RSTF was founded in 2016 by Rachel’s mother, Ms ML Soo solely and exclusively for the purpose of raising funds to support Rachel’s lifelong ERT and medical needs. After numerous appeals to the Ministry of Health (MOH), Rachel was granted the ERT funding subject to an annual review and budget allocation. Her courage and dreams … Petite Rachel is filled with drive and determination to lead a purposeful life. Beside being a Law graduate, she is also a Motivational Speaker, participated in a differently-abled Beauty Pageant, Model, Author of ‘Little Book BIG Secrets’, Treasurer of Malaysia Lysosomal Diseases Association (MLDA), Vice President of Malaysia Disability Youth Council (MDYC) and is attached to Brickfield Asia College (BAC), PJ. Despite her physical challenges, she does not allow her limitations to limit her life.

  • The Giving Bank

    The Giving Bank Organisation was established in 2016, as a Malaysian-owned NGO. They aim is to extend their reach, both locally and internationally for humanitarian causes and reliefs. The team behind the organisation is fully dedicated in working with children, adults and families to overcome extreme poverty and injustice. They work to promote human tranformation, seek justice for the oppressed and assist in disaster recovery for all people across religions, race, ethnicity and gender. To find out more about The Giving Bank, visit You can also visit their social media pages at and The services they provide include: * Volunteers - people waiting to serve * Campaign - join their campaign or craft one with them * Donation - donate and enjoy the highest transparency * Health - providing medical aid and free health screenings * Education - everyone deserve equal rights to knowledge and skills * Humanity Culture - helping humanity relief efforts To volunteer with them, go to To view current fundraising campaigns run by The Giving Bank, go to Alone we can do so little, together we can so much! Be an Amazing Senior!

  • Dialogue Includes All

    Dialogue Includes All is a social enterprise that envisions an inclusive and empathetic society where all are equal with zero barriers and no separation between the abled and disabled community. Their mission is to: * To yield more educated, equipped and empowered people with disabilities * To provide quality education access to children and youth with disabilities through technology * To provide decent and equal job and entrepreneurial opportunities for the disabled community * To champion inclusion, equality, empathy and resilience in society * To create awareness and education to the general public about the disabled community Dialogue Includes All’s efforts aim to spark conversations between the abled and the disabled communities, bridging the gap of separation to begin to acknowledge and understand the equality, value and significance of every human being. ​ Be Part of the Solution Here’s how you can be part of the dialogue and be part of the solution! They are grateful for any donations and opportunities to continue the dialogue and be champions for empathy and inclusion. To find out more visit You can also support the Cafe that they run called Cafe Includes - Seksyen 9. Order via Grab here:

  • Science of Life Studies - SOLS 24/7

    SOLS 24/7 is a leading in-person and online education provider for the poor.

  • Volunteer at SPCA

    SPCA Selangor is a well-respected integrated animal welfare organisation registered with the Registrar of Societies since 1958. SPCA Selangor promotes kindness and compassion towards all animals great and small, aiming to alleviate cruelty and reduce suffering. The 6 pillars of SPCA Selangor includes shelter and adoption, spay/neuter services, education, investigation of animal abuse, assistance to caregivers, and lobbying the government ⁠— and a new pillar was added in 2020 to promote farm animal welfare.